Craft fairs can be the best place to sell your amigurumi pieces, especially when parents bring their kids!  The kids LOVE all the cute dolls, animals, toys.... But often times the parents don't love the prices.  Amigurumi can take forever, so those high prices are justified, but they don't make you money if they don't sell.  I have a solution!  These stuffies will solve your problem!

 Here's a few reasons why,

- They use the softest yarn
- They all work up in LESS than an hour
- They are super cute
- You can charge less because they are so quick
- Parents love the price
- Kids love the stuffies

I could go on, but you get the idea. And I bet you are ready to learn what is included in this little freebie. 

First we have the owl and the penguin.  They are basically the same pattern with a few tiny little changes.  
Next up is the chicken. 

One of the kids' favorites, an axolotl.  (Fun fact, we have two real axolotls! They are pretty cool creatures!)

And last, but not least, the cutest little hippo. 

So grab this freebie and get some Bernat Blanket yarn, and start your crocheting!


  1. I left a nasty review before checking all my emails... I'm SO SORRY. Thank you so much for the patterns and I buy the others to say I'm sorry again...I'm so sorry.
  2. That's pretty crappy to tell people it's free...then say...oh no ..wait have to buy these first ...bad business practice.
  3. Thought they were free I don't like to put my debit card out there
  4. Where are the patterns?
  5. Dburnis Burniski  12/01/2023 04:28 PM Central
    I would appreciate axolotyl pattern
  6. It appears unless I purchase the additional patterns I will not get the free patterns. I provided my name and email address and pressed download, nothing downloaded and no email was received.
  7. I love to learn hoe to do these little cuties.
    Thank you for the free patterns

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