Are you a crochet beginner that LOOOOVES all the adorable things you see all over the internet and really want to make all those cute things, but you don't know how, and you know you need to learn because it's the first step to making all the cute things, and now that I have a super awesome run on sentence, I want to keep it going... But wont.  You're welcome.  

Anyways, if this sounds like you, then you have come to the perfect place! Here is a free pattern that has a lot of the basic stitches needed for amigurumi, or crochet dolls.  

Hook: 3.0 mm
Yarn: Worsted weight in white, orange, black, and red.  I think Red Heart is a good beginner brand, it doesn't snag so much on the hook.
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
blo: back loops only
inc: increase, or two sc in the same stitch
Rnd: round
R: row
sc2tog: single crochet 2 stitches together

Using white yarn.
Rnd1: 6sc in magic ring (6)
Rnd2: incx6 (12)
Rnd3: (sc, inc)x6 (18)
Rnd4: (2sc, inc)x6 (24)
Rnd5: blo24sc (24)
Rnd6-11: 24sc (24)
Rnd12: (2sc, sc2tog)x6 (18)
Rnd13:( sc, sc2tog)x6 (12)
Stuff the chick.
Rnd14: (sc2tog)x6 (6) fasten off

Wings (make 2)
Using white yarn.
Rnd1: 5sc in the magic ring but don't connect to the beginning of the first sc. (5) fasten off. 

Top hair thing (no clue what that's called)
Using red yarn
Ch11, turn.
R1: inc in each ch space. (20)

Put it all together
Now you just need to sew the three parts onto the chick and then sew some cute feet, and a beak like the picture.  Then add some eyes. 

And now you are done! This super easy pattern can be adapted to make a lot of cute animals, including:
Bear: Just move the wings to the top of the head to make them ears, don't make a top hair thing, and sew on a cute nose.

Chick: Use yellow yarn for the body and wings, don't make a top hair thing.

Dog: Move the wings up a bit to make them ears, and you can use multiple colors of yarn to add spots to the body.

Whale: Put the eyes lower, make 4 wings and use two for the tail and two for the fins. 


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  1. Can I have a free bean chicken kit, please? Owen told me. I already knew about you , but Owen wants some credit.

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