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About Me

Technically I am the girl behind all the crochet.... But really, my four children are my inspiration, so without them, I wouldn't be here. It all started when my first son was born. He is still my biggest fan and even though he is ten years old now, he loves my creations the most. His favorite gifts are my crocheted animals. He can never get enough of them. I slowly graduated from stuffed animals and started making tiny dolls. Now my girls are obsessed and I am too! Once we had tiny dolls to play with, we needed tiny clothes, then tiny furniture, then tiny accessories.... You get the idea. That is how Emmy Lou Dolls were born. They are my own version of the 1:12 scale doll house sets and are my favorite creations ever. So, while I have a lot of crochet patterns available, my heart lies with the Emmy Lou Doll kits and I spend my days dreaming of more and better sets.

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