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The Ultimate Crochet Social Media Content Calendar

Are you still struggling with what to write on your social media posts? 
Do you wish you could crochet all day and have your creations just appear on the internet with the captions already written?
Do you hold off on posting that picture because you feel like an idiot saying, "It's so cute!" for the 100th time? 

Then I have EXACTLY what you need! 

Still Posting on Social Media With No Plan?
Call to Action 
Never forget to ask your reader to act!
Every post has a call to action.

Do they work still? Do they not? With the algorithm always changing, no one knows.  But the good news is you will have them when you need them.  Never have to research or try to come up with hashtags again.

Don't be afraid to post your picture because you can't think of what to say. Done-for-you 
captions will ensure you always have something to say.

"By failing to plan , you are preparing to fail.  " Benjamin Franklin

Post Your Crochet Content
in 3 easy steps!

The Ultimate Crochet Social Media Content Calendar
Never come up with a caption again!

  Receive over 40 crochet-and business-related hashtags
  List of holidays both common and uncommon
  2024 Calendar with captions for 6 days each week
  Caption ideas for when you don't want to use the pre-filled caption
  List of "call to action" statements 



What program does this use?
Everything is on Google Sheets.  You don't need to know any crazy formulas; you just need to know how to type. 

Is this for people who sell crocheted products or digital patterns? 
Both! Some of the captions will be specifically about a pattern or about a product, but they are easy to edit.   Here is an example: 
New pattern coming _________(date). I can't wait to see the variations you guys come up with! This one is going to be good. 
You can change this caption to: 
New _________ (doll, shirt, blanket) coming _________ (date). I can't wait to see what other colors you guys order! This one is going to be good. 

I've already missed part of the year, do I get a discount?
No, because you can use this same calendar over and over for years.  The days and holidays will change, but the captions can be used again and again! 


It's time to STOP...
 Trying to come up with captions
Wasting time researching hashtags
 Forgetting to add a call to action

It's time for you to...
Take pictures
 Copy & paste

Content Calendar for Crocheters

It's time to get organized and start posting consistently.  Get your social media calendar with a year's worth of captions, hashtags and action calls already written out for you.  Just take your pictures, fill in the blanks, copy and paste!